Five (Okay, four) for Friday

Happy Friday everyone!   I'm linking up with Doodle bugs for this Five for Friday!

[Divider-15.png] My new blog design is up and running!  I am so excited.I love the bright colors and the stars popping out of the header - need I say more?  Thank you to Design Infusions for the AWESOME job!!

Divider 2My husband and I are also coming up on our 8th wedding anniversary!  The theme for that year is linen so I got this lovely piece of linen --
A little backstory - I've owned this exact purse for over 4 years (and faithfully carried it every single day!).  The stitching on the right side was actually starting to unravel which meant I was going to have to retire it.  Ebay to the rescue!  20.00 later and I have almost a brand new version of my fave!  Or maybe.  My daughter might be taking it as her own.......

Divider 3It was fruit and vegetable week for my preschooler!  How adorable is this for some fine motor skill work?

 Divider 4Apple picking field trip was on Thursday as well!  She was sooo stinking hot, but she loved the adventure!


  1. Love the blog design, looks great! I really like that corn activity! Great fine motor practice and an interesting tactile for students. I may need to use that for letter C day.

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