Five for Friday! 

Hello SUMMER!  This past week has been (technically) my last week of freedom.. so here's a glance at what I've been up to! (I dwindled it down to 3.. give a girl a break. :))

I love music.  I love a great beat, a sad story, you name it.  I have been addicted to "Human" by Christina Perry.  It's so true -- we're only human and we're allowed to make mistakes, we're allowed to pick ourselves up, and we're allowed to just.. well..  be human!
Here's the official video if you're interested.


Speaking of summer.  ICE CREAM.  Mmm.  I've been busy with the Clip Art business and created my own set of swirly goodness.


(On a totally different note!..) Every month I assess our family budget to see where things need to change.  Gas prices just hiked a TON because of a tornado down south, so I know our gas spending will be a bit higher than average.  Anyway, I found this great site for those struggling with debt:  (great url, huh?).  Essentially, you type in your debts and can choose from one of two ways to see your way out of debt (with a timeline included!)  It's a great tool to keep yourself motivated.

Top Ten Things I want to Do This Summer: Linky Party with Deanna Jump! 

Gosh.  Summer is so close I can taste it, especially on this Memorial Day Weekend!  I am linking up with Deanna Jump for the top ten things I'd like to get done this summer break!

1) Potty training!  My little girl is nearing the magical two and a half years old mark.  We will be spending the entire summer together and I hope to achieve this milestone!

2) Clipart!  If you haven't noticed, I have been obsessing over my own clipart creations.  I am so excited to finally be able to share my love of art with everyone!

3) Spend time with my hubby and family.  The days have all started to blend together -- I cannot wait to sit back, take a deep breath, and relax!

4) Exercise!  I'm whipping out the old school red wagon so I can start toddler chasing -- I mean exercising -- over the summer.

5) Swimming!  Who doesn't love to swim?  I can't wait!

6) Organize my house.  My house of 7...8? years is in desperate need of an overhaul cleaning.  Let's raise our feather dusters in protest!

7) Read.  I haven't devoured a good book in at least 6 months and I think my brain is mad at me...

8) Get ready for August.  Before I know it, the school year will be upon us and I don't want to scramble this year!

9)  Cook more.  Who doesn't love some BBQ?  Drool..

10) Blog more!  I love keeping up with everyone.  It's a great release, for sure!

Free Stuff Sunday! -- 5/25/14

This week I am featuring Lori Booze over at Teaching Tykes! Lori says, "Since I graduated college in 1988, I have been teaching in many different capacities: public school PK-12, home school, substitute, interim, and community college.   I have been a TPT seller for about nine months now. And I cannot get enough; I am totally addicted! I love "talking with" my fellow sellers, hearing from my wonderful buyers, and of course, generating new products.   I think what I love most about the TPT experience is hearing how buyers are using my products in their educational setting. How cool is that? To think that this item I made in NC is helping kids in Australia learn and grow. AWESOME!!"

Nutrition Count & Clip Cards *Common Core Aligned*

Clip Art Freebie!

I have been so excited to get away from the teaching mindset and into the creative/artsy mood!  I've spent countless hours with several different graphic programs trying to find "the one".  After weeks of tweaking and countless hours of palette searching..

I have made CLIPART!!

I'm a little excited.

So...  Here's the scoop.  You get my first ever set of little humanoid 'toons for FREE!  Yup.  That's right!

You can catch them on my TPT store here.

Here's a preview of how the turned out!

What'cha think?

Free Stuff Sunday! -- 5/18/14

This week I am featuring KB from KB3Teach!  KB explains, "Hi, I am KB from KB3Teach! My heart has always been with the struggling students in my classroom. What a joy to see that "light" click on when they finally get it. I've developed some academic intervention products designed just for these students, with a focus on foundational skills in both reading and math. As an AIS provider (K-5) for years, my teaching "motto" has developed from a need to see the basics re-introduced, even as late as 5th grade. I hope this "freebie" will help some of your struggling students begin to make connections between the letters and their sounds, and give you one more tool to store in your intervention toolkit."
FREE Phonics Segmenting Flashcards / Short "A" (RF.K.2d)

I am going to double up this week because I also have an amazing end of the year freebie from Brain Waves Instruction!  BWI explains, "I'm a teacher-author based in upstate New York. I love teaching middle school ELA. I also LOVE sharing the resources that have worked well in my classroom with other teachers on TpT. When I'm not dreaming up new curriculum you can find me running around after my two young boys."

Free Stuff Sunday!

Free Stuff Sunday! -- 5/11/14

This week I am featuring Kelsea from Teacher Gems!  Kelsea explains, "I taught special education PreK-8th grade for six years in addition to general education 4th grade for five of those years. I also served as chair of the academically talented committee. I love to create products and enjoy that I can use my teaching talents while staying home with my kiddos (who I plan to homeschool in the future). I also have a Masters Degree in Special Education K-12 Learning Disabilities."  You can catch her at her blog  -- Teacher Gems -- to find some fantastic resources for every subject!

Free Stuff Sunday!

Free Stuff Sunday! 5/4/14

This week I am featuring Marcy Howe from  It's a Teacher Thing for my Free Stuff Sunday!  She has over 20 years of experience and loves creating fresh, engaging lessons for her students.  TPT has inspired her to be a better teacher!  Her TWO featured freebies are designed for upper elementary students.  Enjoy!
Two Leveled Character Trait Lists
Subjects and Predicates:  Interactive Games for Introducti

Free Stuff Sunday!

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