Free Stuff Sunday! -- 5/18/14

This week I am featuring KB from KB3Teach!  KB explains, "Hi, I am KB from KB3Teach! My heart has always been with the struggling students in my classroom. What a joy to see that "light" click on when they finally get it. I've developed some academic intervention products designed just for these students, with a focus on foundational skills in both reading and math. As an AIS provider (K-5) for years, my teaching "motto" has developed from a need to see the basics re-introduced, even as late as 5th grade. I hope this "freebie" will help some of your struggling students begin to make connections between the letters and their sounds, and give you one more tool to store in your intervention toolkit."
FREE Phonics Segmenting Flashcards / Short "A" (RF.K.2d)

I am going to double up this week because I also have an amazing end of the year freebie from Brain Waves Instruction!  BWI explains, "I'm a teacher-author based in upstate New York. I love teaching middle school ELA. I also LOVE sharing the resources that have worked well in my classroom with other teachers on TpT. When I'm not dreaming up new curriculum you can find me running around after my two young boys."

Free Stuff Sunday!

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  1. Hi Kristen! (I wanted to email you, but can't find your contact info)
    This is Jennifer (from First Grade Blue Skies) and I am presenting a session at the TpT Conference all about How to Make your Products POP! As I was developing the handout that will be offered on TpT in advance of my session, I was thinking of including a link to your tutorial (on how to make a cover page) as part of the resources people can use when getting started on TpT. Your blog name will be credited to your tutorial with a link.
    Let me know if this is ok with you! You can email me at:
    Thanks so much!!


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