Making a TPT Product

Gosh.  I am still in the winter break slump.  I haven't had a lot of motivation until I recently subbed for a good friend of mine in first grade.  Seeing those bubbly, smiling, energetic faces was just the thing I needed to get my creative juices flowing for making a new TPT product!

Me, Happier than a dog with a ton of tennis balls!

Looking back over the past six months I realize I've learned a lot about creating, marketing, and lesson planning than I'd ever thought I'd learn from an on-line business adventure.  I put together a tutorial for all of those teachers, like me, who were scared to tackle the interwebz and embark on a business journey with Teacher's pay Teachers.  This tutorial will get you through the basic product setup that can prove to be difficult when you're first starting out.

Simply click the link to get started!

And remember..  You can do it!  We all had to start somewhere.

Thumbs up!

A New Year.. A New Resolution!

Hello blogging friends!

It's been a few crazy months in the Schroeder household.  I've been substitute teaching like crazy and fell into a slump of utter laziness during winter break.  Not to mention this past Monday we had over a foot of snow in the backyard with ice and well below 0 temperatures to go along with it.

All that behind us, I am determined to make this blog a part of my weekly routine.  I have learned so much from being in a variety of different classrooms and would love to give back with some of the tips and hints I've found along the way.  Not to mention creating some amazing freebies for you fabulous teachers!

Here's to 2014 -- I think it's going to be a great year!

Here's a freebie to get us all off on the right track.  I know many of us (especially those of us taking advantage of the huge market on Teacher's Pay Teachers) struggle with organization -- Here's a Pinterest pin tracker! You can find it for free at my TPT store.  Have a great weekend!
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