First Grade Pointalism!

Over the summer I had the joy of teaching over 100 first grade students during summer school! I also got to team teach with some wonderful first grade teachers. One of the activities we did included Q-tips, paint, and a book! What a combo, right?

The students loved reading Eric Carle's Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do you See? as a group. The text is predictable and encourages young aspiring readers to chant along as they catch on to the pattern. After reading the book, we encouraged our kiddos to create what THEY saw by using 4 Q-tips to paint. There was a catch, though! The students could only paint using dots from the tip of their Q-tip!

I must admit, my cohort and I were nervous about giving each student their own paint and Q-tips - who wouldn't be? But the results turned out great! We created a web of different ideas that we could paint before sending the students off to create their own works of art. Here are some pics of the results!

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