RTI Organization!

RTI can be both a great experience and chaotic for all parties involved.  Students who get pulled out for RTI usually get pulled for other services (though not all do) and classroom teachers have a tough time keeping track of who is where  and when!

I found that during my time as an RTI literacy teacher, I rarely could find the time to talk to the classroom teacher about what was going on with their students.  My schedule left me about 3 minutes to make it between two different elementary school buildings with my "classroom on wheels" (aka, my HUGE tub of stuff I rolled around between each session).

What's a teacher to do?!

Well, I created this half sheet RTI documentation sheet for classroom teachers and RTI teachers to use to get on the same page.  It highlights strengths and subjects the student should be working on to increase their knowledge in the 4 areas highlighted by CAFE!

Click on the image to grab it!  It's free!

Happy planning!

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  1. Such a fantastic idea! Thanks for sharing. Have just discovered your amazing blog!



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