Five for Friday Linky!

 Yippe!  It's FRIDAY!  Y'know what that means?

My first Five for Friday!

Let's get started.


 I have been pouring over the Olympics the past week and a half.  My COUSIN was actually in them!  He was in the competition with Sage Kotsenburg on the very first day.  While he didn't make the podium, it's still a great story to tell..  How Awesome!

This weekend I hope to embark on the arduous task of potty training my 2 year old daughter.  Wish me luck!  I've got the pull-ups, the potty, now all I need are some big girl underwear...


 In the midwest this week we had two days where the temperature was over 60!  I spent that time cleaning up the house a bit and opening the windows for the smell of that sweet sweet February air.  Mmm.  Back to 20F tonight, you say?...Better get the sweater ready.

{4} Gearing up for a long week next week -- My job pickings were so slim this week plus I had a stomach bug for the tail end of it which kept me out of a few jobs.  Here's hoping!

And finally, the husband and I got to spend some quality time together.  We've been so busy and wrapped up in our own things it's nice to settle in and have a quiet conversation together.  It's the little things, right?

Keep smiling, and have an awesome week!


  1. Hi Kristen!! I just had to comment, as we share a last name!! haha! AND what makes it more weird is that last year, my class had a team "name" for our field day and it was Schroeder's Shooting Stars! haha :) Anyway, I enjoyed finding your blog post and couldn't agree nor empathize more with your number 5! Hubby is studying for his CPA and all I do is work and plan, so I'm looking forward to an evening with him! I hope you enjoy yours, too! :)

    Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd

  2. I hope the potty training went well. We are taking it SLOWLY with my two year old (boy). That is really cool that your cousin was in the Olympics!


    Always Adapting


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