Secret Sight Words, Anyone?

Sight words (and spelling words in general) have been the bane of my teaching experience with struggling readers.  We both get equally tired of task cards, writing them three times each, spelling them forwards and backwards and sideways..

Until recently when I threw caution to the wind and presented my students with...

Just add water!

Yes.  Watercolor paint.

My tools:

A box of crayons, a printable, my list of sight words, a cup of water, and their watercolor palette.

Here's how it works.  In the "Paint it" section, you (the teacher) write the sight words in white crayon.  Give the lists of (sight) words to your kiddos and have them copy them down in order on the "Write it" section.  Students will then paint over the "Paint it" section and Voila! Self-checking greatness! 

Doesn't have to be perfect by a long shot.

This is a great activity to help reinforce proper letter formation!  Plus it's something out of the ordinary for the kiddos!  You can catch this Very, Very Vocabulary freebie on my TPT store!  Have a great weekend!

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