Finding the right book for the standard

Teachers have it rough.  Teaching the common core? Check.  Teaching in a fun and engaging manner? Check.  Differentiating so every student is being taught on a level that meets their specific needs? Check.  Assessing so that you CAN differentiate?  Check.  Oh, and by the way.. Make sure to respond to those parent e-mails, the principal, and don't forget trivia night on Thursday!


That's not even the half of it but I couldn't see myself doing any other job. 

One of the problems I always find myself facing is a lack of time.  I don't have time to sit and thumb through a long list of books to see if they will fit the needs of my kiddos -- 'cause quite frankly there are too many books in my local library!  Luckily, Jen Jones (over at Hello Literacy) has a solution..

She created a list of K-2 appropriate books for a plethora of comprehension skills and strategies directly tied to the Common Core State Standards!  Yipppee!  She even bundled them up and has been giving away the list for free on her TPT site.  Go check it out -- it'll save you a ton of time and hey, you might find a book you're not familiar with to add to your own library!

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