Monday Made It! Almost..

 Man!  I've been working all day on a TPT project and don't know if I'll have it ready for tonight.  Hmph!

Well, I'll try to finish it..  but before I do I HAVE to tell you about it!  I am so excited about the possibilities for new readers..

First things first..

The idea.

Did I ever mention I love sticky notes?  I might be a sticky-note-holic.  I have them everywhere as I write down so many little notes to myself.

Okay, so on paper my idea doesn't look that great, right?  Right.  I'm going to glue something under something and have some cute boxes.  Got it!

After many hours of painstakingly lining up teeny tiny boxes, Voila!  Word Family Flips!

You can pick this one up for FREE over at my TPT store for the next 48 hours!  Thanks and have a wonderful week!  (And hey..  Leave some feedback if you like it!  <3)

*Flash Freebie!* Word Family Flips!  Word families

Thanks and have a GREAT week!


  1. I love sticky notes too! I really like the poster size ones. I am stopping by from TPT. I am looking forward to your giveaway!


  2. Cute product. I am trying to donate to your giveaway, but in the TPT forum, you said you had emailed everyone that you received donations from. I sent mine yesterday, March 19, but didn't get an email from you. Will you please check your SPAM folder and see if it went there. This has happened quite a bit lately. I went ahead and emailed it to you again just a while ago. Please let me know if you receive it. Thank you!
    Sherry Clements


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