Back to School time Already!? Let's share our Ideas!

It's that time of year again!  Time to open that fresh box of crayons, sharpen those pencils, and get down to business with a new school year!

One of my favorite first day activities involves...  Play Doh.  What!?

Yes.  You can purchase the small individual sized containers and place them out for each student when they come into class.  Encourage each student to play for the first ten minutes or so, while you get ALL that paperwork in order.  It's a great stress reliever and helps break the ice in a fun and inquisitive manner!

What tips do you have for the first day of school?  Let's link up!  Simply add your post link below to share in the back to school fun!


  1. Kristen,

    Thanks so much for hosting the great linky! Have a wonderful year!

    Best wishes!
    Jen ;)

  2. Kristen,
    My picture isn't showing up. Any ideas on how to fix that?
    Brynn Allison

    1. Hey Brynn! I'm not sure. If you want, send me your link and I will post it to the linky. You can post it here in the comments or e-mail me (

    2. Here's the link!

      Thanks so much!
      Brynn Allison

  3. Awesome! Don't forget to delete the bad link.
    Thanks again,
    Brynn Allison

  4. Thanks for hosting the linky! Happy TPT Sale and happy back to school!


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